Mutek Special 2013 Feat. John Tejada

John Tejada

Future Classic Radio May 26th
Mutek 2013 Special Featuring John Tejada Live.

John Tejada – Unstable Condition (Kompakt)
John Tejada – Live PA in Portland 2001 Featuring an all hardware set consisting of the EMU 6400 ultra, MPC 2000 and Nord Micromodular.
1. Beaming Red Oscillator
2. Timebomb vip mix
3. Times Distance (originally with Arian Leviste)
4. Freaky Deaky (originally with Titonton Duvante)
5. Memento
6. Impediment (originally with Arian Leviste)
7. Morning Becomes The Sun (originally with Arian Leviste)
8. The Immovable Fact
Rob Hood – Rhythm of Vision (M-Plant)
Martyn – Masks (3024)
Efdemin – Knocking at the Grand (Dial)
Nosaj Thing – Tell (Alpha Pup)
VLooper – Più Più Anthem (Art Beat Montreal)

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