Future Classic Radio May 24th 2015

Deep Art Sounds
Deep Art Sounds

Future Classic Radio broadcasting live from CKUT 90.3FM in Montreal, bi-weekly Sundays 1-2 PM. Podcast posted shortly.

~MUTEK Preview Special~

John Tejada – Reach the Pedals (Seventh City)
John Tejada – Somewhere (Kompakt)
DBX – Baby Judy (Accelerate)
DBX – Raw (Accelerate)
CMD – Demi-Fang (Fur Trade)
OJPB – Ut(Most)Level – (Unreleased)
Pheek – Piagochioui (Archipel)
RAMZi – Nuptial B├ębites (Self-Released)
Perfume Advert – Lampers (1080p)

~deepArtSounds Special~
Special guest: Roberto Pistolese (Zurich, Switzerland)

Ernie – Scrum Method – (deepArtSounds)
Anthony Nicholson – It’s Alright (deepArtSounds)
Dubbyman – Waterfalls feat. Bjak (deepArtSounds)
Jorge C – Uno-Duo-3-4 (deepArtSounds)
Giorgio Luceri – The Nights At 118 4B (Marcello Napoletano mix) (deepArtSounds)

Check out www.deepartsounds.net


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